Each Action requires sense of form and energetic expression.

Depending on the style of internal martial arts there is in a sense a conflict between the circular and the straight. T o perform any leg action one normally employs an image of intent which is initially at least straight.

In time the circularity of expressing a "kick" is an enjoyable action. Leg Movements are continuous actions that are circular. The body will perform accurate techniques with certainty and ease. Most forms and sets are simple exercise regimes that describe circles, curves, arcs, spirals, and parabolas.

All kicks are produced by dynamic actions that involve broad and regulated body awareness. The kick that is performed without grace and style is encumbered by misplaced or underachieved "effort " it is easier to find the trick of it. This is natural.


Powerful kicking is in internal martial arts established by power actions being rooted in the stillness and solidity of the torso. One cannot find torso stillness without developing the easy use of rooted vitality in the legs that generate the "internal " as an expression of waist actions.

Ones technique is limited only by our strength of desire for large physical expression.

Keep the body in balance by joining the muscles together to improve solidity and ease of purpose. The basis of a good kicking action is generated by the elasticity of the waist and dynamism of the supporting leg. Regulate your breathing. Do not grasp onto balance or thrust out with one joint. If you practice hard at an advanced stage of kicking you can allow the mind to effortlessly impinging on each technique to guide the body into harmony.

Be meditative, develop self-familiarity and skill in reflective awareness.

The young like to kick,

the elderly are less inclined


to sail through the air at head height.


Dynamic kicks like the Tornado or Crecent kick are waist promoting techniques that portrays flowing creative energy by rooting and counter actions.

Fist techniques resolve issues of unity. Leg actions demand energetic dynamism with integrated strength which is rooted in stance and light solidity. Focus on your physical and sensual visualization skills which should be investigated. The body should be light and agile and all its parts honed towards complete interconnection. Leg actions develop elastic form with no wobbles!

Natural talent, age or style, this takes time,,,,

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